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Malaysia: Letting Wanderlust Consume You

           South East Asia, a place where Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, and Chinese cultures are married together and have borne something so exquisite and unique, you must experience it for yourself in order to truly understand it at its full capacity. But no amount of time will ever truly be enough for an outsider to breathe it all in. Kuala Lumpur was the first … Read More Malaysia: Letting Wanderlust Consume You

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Heartache: A Poem Series

Carnage   My heart has been ripped apart by your canines. My soul has been lacerated to ribbons by your claws.   I am gasping, begging for reprieve from the hollowness that now resides, where you used to be.     Metamorphosis   My eyes spark no fire in your soul, my thoughts unoriginal, unpalatable. You are indifferent.   I am no more than … Read More Heartache: A Poem Series

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