This is the conclusion to a nine page research paper myself and two friends wrote as a final grade in my advanced English class this year. I personally authored the conclusion and am very proud of it, so I decided to share it on here. For this project my group mates and I had to come up with a prompt to write about ourselves. Not being afraid to tackle a topic we all cared greatly about, we finally decided that the best topic to write about was Feminism. We received a lot of support from our teacher, but were cautioned not to make it too vague. So we went even further and the exact prompt we came up with was: How does the target of Feminism differ from the United States to Iraq?

It was definitely a heavy topic and became hard to write about at times, but all three of us were thrilled at the end result. So with that I leave you with this excerpt.

– Alex


As we can see here the Feminist movement fights for many different reasons all around the world. This is because the political, social, and economic needs of women in each country differ. Therefore this movement has to be able to support women from all standpoints of life, and help lead her down the right path to equality. The Feminist movement is not one with a radical agenda, but one to simply see through that all people that walk the earth are treated as equals no matter what gender they may be. So we have to start with the most oppressed out of the two genders. Women’s fight for equality will be a long one, but in the end it’s a fight that will bring about a new age of not only economic prosperity, but intellectual as well. The Patriarchal figurehead will no longer define the life a woman is destined to live. For that decision will be hers, and hers alone. The right to an education will be commonplace among all children and future jobs positions will not be withheld from a woman simply because there is a man to do it. Fathers will no longer resent their daughters and marry them off to men to bear children of their own while still being children themselves. Company owners will no longer be able to use their religious beliefs as precedent to infringe upon the reproductive rights of their female employees. Rape Culture will not be shaken off as a joke or seen as harmless, and the fault of rape will not fall upon the articles of clothing the victim had on their body but rather the person who perpetrated the crime. Finally, women won’t be paid less than there male counter parts simply because they’re women. All of these things represent the fight of feminism, and what we as a society have to overcome in order to find the peace that we all so desperately want. But we can’t achieve this on our own. This effort has to be all inclusive so everyone will reap the benefits. The target of Feminism across the globe is to bring together the people of the world to live together in harmony.

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