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In Pursuit of Happiness: A Manifesto

For most people, myself included, happiness is an ever-evolving target with an immeasurable limit to reach it. Find comfort within yourself. You are the only person that is guaranteed to be with you your entire life. Whatever you need to forgive yourself for, do it now. Create boundaries. Whether it be for yourself or others they will come in handy. Ask questions. Especially to … Read More In Pursuit of Happiness: A Manifesto

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Preservation: A Poem Series

It’s just a flesh wound   A Mantra, meant to make my pain more bearable. Just a flesh wound.   A Prayer, to make every sight of you salvation rather than damnation. Just a flesh wound.   A Lie, I tell myself as the chasm between us becomes a canyon. Just a flesh wound.                 It’s not … Read More Preservation: A Poem Series

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