I do believe I have mastered the art of reinventing myself. Lord knows I’ve reinvented this blog too many times to count. But now as my high school career is coming to close and a wonderful adventure in the fall awaits me, I can’t help but feel that I am on the right track to finding out who I will be for the rest of my life. And once again this blog has changed to mirror that journey. But I think this change will be around for good.

Welcome to The Pursuit of Alex. The adventure of a young adult/ college student learning about herself and the world around her. The first thing on the agenda is college. Since I will be attending University in China (I’ll explain later, maybe) that seemed like the appropriate place to start. Quite the adventure right? But before August rolls around we have the ENTIRE summer ahead of us. So my first stop will be to Singapore. Don’t worry I’ll be sure to overload you with tons of fun pictures from that trip. And so the adventure begins.

See you soon,


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