For the first time in my life I experienced a true melting pot of a city. The blend of so many rich cultures has touched my soul.

One of the most prominent ways Singapore balances being a center for innovation while still preserving culture, is through food. You cannot visit this city and be afraid to eat. This place is a foodies’ paradise. From local Chili Crab, to traditional English High Tea, Singapore has it all. You will never be bored and you will never eat the same thing twice. Unless of course you want to.

But what touched me the most was how open people were to sharing in others traditions. There were Chinese eating in Indian restaurants, and Indians eating in Malay restaurants. A sight I don’t see too often back in the states. I feel like at home people tend to stay within their ethnic bubbles where they are comfortable. But in Singapore these walls were broken down and it truly was a sight that warmed my heart. It made my already huge love for this place grow ten fold.

Aside from what felt like constant eating I did get to experience some of the more tourist attractions. My favorite place I visited was the Garden’s By the Bay. This was easily the most beautiful, and fascinating garden attraction I have ever been to. What makes it even more impressive is that the park itself is completely self-sustained. The park consists of two huge Greenhouse like domes that house two different gardens, and a super tree grove that is connected by cat walks you can go up on. I was in awe the entire duration of my time there.

I would be lying if I said I did hours of research weeks before my trip and mapped out all of the spots I wanted to eat at. When in reality I actually watched the Singapore episode of a show called The Layover, hosted by the amazing Anthony Bourdain, to get ideas. Because Tony wouldn’t steer me wrong, right? I’m delighted to tell you every spot he visited on the show that I got to visit as well was absolutely amazing. My personal favorite was the famous Samy’s Curry, home to fabulous Southern Indian cuisine, and their famous fish head curry.

This trip has only made me even more excited for whats to come. More traveling, more exploring, more growing. And now, I feel more motivated than ever to really start working hard to ensure a bright future ahead of me. Here’s to feeling happy and motivated.

See you soon,


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